Life is dynamic,
our Yoga should be too.

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Becoming Sovereign ~ the power, wisdom and fiery grace of a woman’s midlife journey.

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50 Years on
the Mat

I am the Canadian kid who snuggled into the earth, climbed any tree she could and listened to spirit in the wind, moon and stars.

At fourteen I met Yoga, and my life changed forever.

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Our Mission is to awaken, inspire and offer Yoga as a sacred practice for life and living well.

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Invisible to Invincible

My writings are dedicated to women who choose to show up, explore and embrace a new paradigm of our aging; the raw, the real and the brilliant messiness of the empowered wise woman.

To become Sovereign.

To move from Invisible to Invincible.

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Stream Our Yoga Classes OR Attend in Person*

We are “open” and offering hybrid classes. You may join any yoga class online. *We open each class to a limited number of in-person students. ALL yoga classes are streamed live from our sweet rustic studio.

Here’s what folks say:

“I was so resistant, I didn’t think it would be this easy and so easy to see, hear and connect!” E.D.

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to seeing
you soon!


Wednesdays ~ Yin ~ 6 – 7:15pm

Fridays ~ Women’s Temple ~ 9:30 – 11am

Saturdays ~ Sacred Flow ~ 9 – 10:30am

Sundays ~ Yin ~ 6 – 7:15pm

Classes on Zoom, descriptions here.

In the last couple of years I have found my “yoga groove” by practicing Yin Yoga.  It is Kerry’s unique energy,  guidance and wisdom  that brings peace and connection to her classes. I have a small area in my house that is now my Yin spot and, with Kerry’s deep experience, I am easily able to “drop in” and truly be present.
– Pamela

Intuitively guided yoga! Kerry has a beautiful way of connecting you deeper into yourself, building strength, flexibility of not just body but mind as well.
– Andrew

I love the Saturday Sacred Flow class.  I’ve tried other online classes but Kerry’s focus on wellness and wisdom and as we age is unique: she combines a practice, focused on the breath, that is meditative as well as physical and challenging.   By the end of class, I am at peace in body and mind.  I feel very centered, relaxed, and energized at the same time. I’ve never taken a class that was so restorative to both mind and body. I recommend this class.
– Janet

I am very grateful for the deep, nurturing practice Kerry offers. I definitely notice when I miss a class.
– Paul

Join this amazing community for a live class on Zoom, or check out YouTube for FREE classes and experience my teaching style and ethos. See you on the mat.