Welcome, Wise Woman!

We are changing the cultural conversation
~ one woman’s journey at a time!

Midlife and menopause is a full-on transformation: biological, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Just showing up for yourself with your eyes open in truth is a big deal. Embrace your metamorphosis.

 I offer this little eBook as both an invitation and encouragement for all women to wake up and CLAIM the deep, mystical power and flow that comes only from midlife. I’m here to hold space for you to unfurl and become who you truly are: a wise and beautiful woman whose best years are yet to come.

I offer my own personal insights, prompts, “power truths” and new perspectives on all things menopause and midlife. Consider me — and these pages — as a loving guide into brand new territory.

Explore a rich variety of prompts, insights and suggestions inviting in a deep curiosity to your unique, powerful and often mysterious experience. It is the journey of a lifetime. Truly.

Embrace your metamorphosis and let transformation begin.

Stay in touch with me through my Women’ Temple Yoga, Writings and on Instagram for daily inspiration.

~ Embrace your metamorphosis! ~