My practice changes my life for good, every day.

I am the Canadian kid who snuggled into the earth, grass and climbed any tree she could; listened to spirit in the wind, moon and stars.

At 14, I met yoga and my life changed forever.

Now I meet myself as a seasoned traveler on the road of life, sharing, mentoring and teaching from the messy brilliance of time and experience.

I invite you to join me in exploring Yoga as a wellness practice for life. We offer four mindfully curated classes with more coming as demand is expressed. For beginners, an awesome entry point is either our Yin Yoga, or doing some private sessions with me to get you familiar and moving safely within postures and your own body. I also offer a free Pause @ Noon livestream on Fridays, as well as occasional workshops and private mentoring.

I believe yoga heals.

Maybe you find yourself challenged by life’s chaos and lessons? Maybe you are struggling with midlife shifts, or find yourself in the second half of life looking for an authentic path that empowers and embraces all of who you are?

This is a place and a practice to stop and take in the view. I invite you to discover and lean in to the wisdom of time, experience and reclaim your essential self.

Be you new to Yoga, a seasoned traveler, or someone looking for a different lens to navigate the new terrain you find yourself in, be welcome.