Yoga classes are held in the Yoga Barn

6 – 7:15pm

Women’s Temple
9:30 – 11am

Sacred Vinyasa Flow
9:30 – 11am

6 – 7:15pm

6541 N. 63rd Street, Longmont, CO 80503.
Join us live or via Zoom.

Welcome to Yoga for Life at the Yoga Barn!

For 23 years our unique studio has been a vibrant Yoga presence near Boulder, Colorado. Our Yoga classes are all in a hybrid format: in person and online via Zoom. So, no matter where you are, you have a quality yoga class at your fingertips. Be you new to Yoga, a seasoned yoga traveler, or someone looking for a different lens to navigate the new terrain you find yourself in, be welcome. 

We offer four mindfully curated classes geared especially for women in middle life and beyond. For beginners, awesome entry points might be Yin Yoga, or come in for a few private sessions with me to get you familiar and moving safely and confidently in your body. Occasional workshops, a free Friday “Pause @ Noon” and prerecorded YouTube classes are also available.

A few benefits of a regular yoga practice:

  • Better breath attention and depth
  • Better balance/Less overwhelm
  • More ease of movement and motion
  • Increase mindfulness of thoughts, actions and attitude
  • Stronger bones/Less stiffness
  • Community and connection
  • More vitality/Feel Better!!
  • Balance/ease/love
  • Confident, healthy vibrant aging

Friday Pause @ Noon

Free livestreams! Little vignettes of love and connection … a comma in the midst of the busyness of your day … a moment of reflective stillness in which to settle, breathe, listen, gently move and receive.

Find these FREE “mini mindfulness retreats” at Kerry LouiseDouble Rainbow Ranch FB group, or my You Tube Channel. I’d love you to subscribe!

Curious about my style? Explore FREE pre-recorded yoga practices by length, style and energy on my Youtube Channel.


This delicious joint focused practice targets our myo-fascial web within. It is suitable for all levels, athletes, those stressed by life and work, and anyone who wants to lovingly embrace a little more self-care and inner connection.  Discover how a still, mindful focus can invite you into a more fluid state of motion/being.

Why YIN is important and why this could be a class for you:

  • it is a simple practice, an accessible practice suitable for all levels and can be adapted for any body.
  • it’s a beautiful practice for your joints
  • a beautiful practice for your mind
  • a beautiful practice to bring more ease of movement into your being (body.mind.spirit)
  • it is wonderfully, lovingly well suited to older bodies in love and nourishment.

 Yin invites us to acknowledge the resistance – the ‘edge’ of a shape. To listen. Have a loving conversation with resistance. So worth it. I’m more limber, fluid, open and relaxed after I navigate this practice.  

Women’s Temple Practice

This is a practice to connect, support and validate women through life’s many transformations and journeys. A mindful embodiment practice to honor the temple of our bodies as we transform, re-wire and BE within the essence of our divine feminine selves.  And as we are always in a time of change, it’s nice to have a sanctuary in which to connect and flow.  Whether you are juggling family and career, midlife, caregiving or retirement, there is space for you.   Self-care does not have an age!

Come practice with us and nourish your body, mind and juicy spirit!

Sacred Flow

Step out of the chaos and into the calm. This on-going physically engaged practice focuses on mindful attention to our natural rhythms of breath, body, mind and spirit. Here we get to experience a deeper alignment of our inner and outer worlds and the wealth of wisdom available if we truly learn how to slow down and listen.

This class is best for those with some previous yoga experience.

Friday Pause @ Noon

Friday’s “Pause at Noon” about 20ish minutes and any subscriber to my social network can join, in real time, as they wish. These mini offerings invite a mindful pause to connect, move, breathe, stretch, listen and … a ‘pause’ in your day. Find these classes at Kerry LouiseDouble Rainbow Ranch FB group, or my You Tube Channel.  I’d love you to subscribe!

Yin & Yoga Nidra

Yin & Yoga Nidra classes are not currently being offered.

We begin with about 45 min of Yin Yoga, where we turn our lens deeply inward and focus on joints and the deeper connective tissues of the body (ligaments, joints, fascia, and bones). Most poses are on the floor and held for 3-5 minutes.

(see above for more on the benefits of Yin).

Then you will be guided to create your “nest” and enjoy 45-ish minutes of a guided Yoga Nidra practice.  Yoga Nidra is a structured and specific journey into a state of effortless relaxation, similar to a deep, conscious “sleep” sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep”.  In this practice we continue to draw our attention inwards, and we learn to move between wakefulness and deep rest. The body finds its natural state of equilibrium, the breath becomes quiet, balanced, and there is an inner revealing to aspects of mind.

I was so resistant to the online classes, I didn’t think it would be this easy to see, hear and connect. I’m loving it!

– Elaine

I love the Saturday Sacred Flow class. I’ve tried other online classes but Kerry’s focus on wellness and wisdom and as we age is unique: she combines a practice, focused on the breath, that is meditative as well as physical and challenging. By the end of class, I am at peace in body and mind. I feel very centered, relaxed, and energized at the same time. I’ve never taken a class that was so restorative to both mind and body. I recommend this class.

~ Janet

It is so convenient to practice online with you. I feel like I am getting a private lesson with each class.

– Amory