Women’s Midlife Retreat at The Yoga Barn

New Date TBD

This is for YOU if:

You’re in Midlife seeking nourishment and support

You want to learn to trust and embody the process.

You’re willing to do the
inner work.

You’re seeking more clarity.

You’re willing to share the journey and BE present.

You feel safe to honour the emotions ~ the raw and
real of this time.

You want to find the
voice of your truth.

You’re no longer
interested in hiding.

You are willing to sit
in the unknown.

You are willing to be curious.

And not at all the least ….

You are willing to show up and be present.

This retreat is limited to 8 women.

menopause and midlife is a powerful journey

Our Retreat is Postponed for now…


What if midlife was not a crisis but a rebirth: the chaos before the dawn of change? What if the midlife journey really is about you becoming more YOU? You’re in midlife sister! What better time to become yourself?

The Truth is…

We need to nourish to flourish.
You are Becoming Sovereign. You are a beacon of light!
You are wise, courageous, fierce and powerful!
You ARE the ruler of your life.
You ARE a wise woman.

Welcome, dear sister, to my first ever Midlife Women’s Retreat

Have you ever felt like you’re the only one that’s trying to figure out her life right now? Let me tell you sister, you’re not alone. I am offering up a weekend of NOURISHMENT: inner inquiry, sharing wisdom, spaciousness and practice. This is a time to step back from the Doing and look inside at the wonder of you and your relationship with your blessed Midlife.

Midlife IS change.

Midlife IS Metamorphosis.


Midlife is a complete rewiring from the inside out, yet with so little relevant emotional, psychological, and spiritual support, and with so little opportunity to talk, share and resource ourselves and each other.

My story…rewritten

When I was deep in my early midlife journey I felt so alone. There was this mass cultural denial, shame about midlife, and women often seemed to be masquerading that “all is well”, but in truth everything was chaotic, changing, and challenging.

My experience:

  • I really didn’t’GET what this part of my life was all about…
  • From empty nesting to thoughts of “who am I now?”
  • Where do I go from here?
  • How do I navigate these next many years well?
  • I felt lost and scared
  • It felt like so many things were falling apart, and I wanted things to fall together…
  • I was not sure how to nourish myself in this place…
  • and…there was no one who seemed to want to talk about it

Gratefully, I discovered a new way to reside in my own midlife, and I support women to do the same. Together, we are changing the conversation.


Cozy … rustic … tribal vibe

I am opening up my home for this retreat, a bit of camp style! Some beds, mattresses on the floor, some of us in the house, some of us in the Yoga Barn. If you’re open to bunking in with a new friend then we can put more than one in a room.

We live on a farm in beautiful rural Boulder County. We are between Boulder and Longmont near Coot Lake and The Boulder Reservoir.

Private accommodations?

If you would prefer private accommodations there are several inns/hotels nearby.

Please book accommodations on your own, and arrange for transportation to and from the Yoga Barn.


There is a sweet and nourishing communal energy when we break bread in community.

We will prep, cook and share our meals together.

Keeping it simple and drawing from my 51 years of cooking experience (yes yoga and cooking started the same year!) we GET to play in the kitchen, and nourish ourselves with food and stories. This will also be a great time to share food wisdom and swap recipes.

Meals will be vegetarian, GF, healthy, hearty and prepared with love.

What to expect … what to bring

Our time together will be Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday through lunch.

We will be practicing yoga daily, meditating, sharing stories, journaling, preparing and enjoying meals together, and more. Other activities might include taking walks, exploring the gardens, or resting.

There will be opportunities for time together as well as time alone. Flow as you feel called to!

I will send more detailed packing suggestions upon registration, but plan on bringing comfortable clothes for movement and layers.

A note about the weather: Colorado weather can be unpredictable. In September we often have very warm days and cool nights so pack accordingly.

We have yoga props for your use. Bring your own mat if you have one.

Special Event!

Saturday evening Yin Yoga and Tibetan Bowls, flute and mantra.

My husband, Paul Temple has agreed to share his magic on the Tibetan Bowls, along with flute, mantra and Tibetan Throat singing while we do our Saturday evening Yin yoga class.

Cost: $395

Meals and accommodation (at our home) is included.

If you require your own private room and accommodations there are several inns not far away.  You would need a rental car.

Again – this is a communal event. We’ll be sharing time and space together. This way I can keep costs down and connection real.

A non-refundable deposit of $50 confirms your space.

Our retreat will be capped at 8 goddesses to ensure intimacy and connection.

About Me:

A woman who has been fired up by the journey, and become the phoenix rising from the ashes.

I will bring my wisdom,  compassionate and nurturing self to the table.

I’ve been through the dance and work with many other women in theirs.

Yoga and life experience is my foundation and sacred anchor.

I bring together a confluence of yoga, nourishment, dialogue, curiosity and compassion.