Are we really prepared to live a long second half of life
Like, really prepared?

It’s a compelling mindset ~ to live forever ~ AND as baby boomers (Seasoned Travelers), and as a society we are still in the infancy stages of learning how to do that well, in body, mind and spirit. And I would venture to say we are woefully unprepared to Thrive in our Aging.

And yet, we have an unprecedented opportunity and an abundance of resources: a chance to wake up and wise up to our experience and the realities of its challenges and its gifts.

Approaching aging with a sense of focused awareness and cultivating good mind/body practices has helped me and can assist us all to reap the benefits of time and to BECOME the fullest expression of ourselves.

Through decades of living we’ve gained priceless experience through our challenges and triumphs. We can intentionally apply this foundation of knowledge and wisdom to consciously age, and move from Default to Design.

In this time we can revisit old dreams not yet fulfilled, turn our attention to new endeavors, careers, and recreation. The opportunity is present to refocus more on self and service rather than child raising, navigating family life and careers.

As the lens turns toward the self and embracing the remainder of our lives, we might ask:

What is important now? Am I making life-enhancing choices?
How do I age with dignity and meaning?

There are many answers to these inquiries. Reflecting on these questions and taking action with one or two next steps begins the possibility of a more awake and conscious aging.

From Default to Design 

Here’s a reframe tool I use daily.

In each moment I have a choice in my approach to my life. I can react in an unconscious, habitual sense, I call this default mode.

Conversely, I can engage my awareness, to do the “inner” work and become more conscious of my ‘reactions’. I try to stay present with what I am feeling, attend to my breath and notice what I’m aware of feeling in my body.

In that moment of taking a full breath, checking in and listening, I try to “witness” myself in the moment, before I react: to create the space and possibility of a more conscious response..

The discipline of diligent attention
and witnessing helps me 
create a
new habit, a conscious design. 

As I continue to engage this mindfulness, I’m more attentive to what triggers me, and responding takes less “effort”.

Daily, I practice resourcing myself for the journey ahead; I reframe a lot. By consciously choosing thoughts, words and actions that are more supportive, I strive to continuously be more present to a positive perspective of aging, an empowered becoming.

Conscious aging starts in the mind.
It starts with a mindset and perspective.