I learned early in my midlife journey that menopause is the bookend to puberty. When I connected those dots I knew inside that now I had SO many more tools and life experiences and yes, I was going to put them to good use.

Puberty had been rough; I moved from glasses to contacts, became aware of a burgeoning sexuality that I had no idea how to handle, I entered high school, and I started Yoga.

What ensued was a massive contraction physically and energetically. And like so many young women, I dimmed my light, my voice and hid.

Yoga gave me an anchor, but could not save me from the path I needed to walk.

I have 3 daughters, and though I had found a light and voice for them, I still did not know my own voice. I wanted to find THAT voice. I wanted to change the paradigm moving forward for my daughters, and maybe your daughters or sisters, and the generations yet to come.  Illuminate the change so that moving forward, no woman would ever be shamed and dim her light, her voice, and her truth when menopause rolled around.

So my question for you dear women is this: What if we knew that menopause was Power?

What if we had grown up with the knowledge that we were entering into the power phase of our lives and that we had a tribe of women supporting us?

How fabulous and how different our experiences of this journey might be!

Menopause is initiation, trial by fire. It takes us across the threshold of change into the second half of life. If we can show up more fully, with a more empowered and supportive perspective and community then we can begin to rewrite the narrative.

My curiosity deepened and I came to understand that my hot flashes, you know, the ones we’ve been taught to hate, were a deep fiery energy rising from within, inconvenient yes, but oh, so fascinating and powerful. After listening to Joan Borsyenko’s work around menopause, I knew a complete re-frame of the hot flash ‘story’ was in order.

My perspective and my awareness opened to welcome in this natural, fiery and “fierce women’s energy” deep within the cauldron of my being into which I could offer up and release pain, shame, drama, all things that no longer served me. And believe me there were all sorts of opportunities to practice this, day and night!!!

The next time a fierce wave arises from within I invite you to stop for a moment and listen.

The “pause” in menopause is a helpful reminder to stop, listen and rest.  In this moment, what could you release into the natural fires of your being?

For me, the energy arising lit up a truth within that said, “I no longer choose to be small, I want my voice at the table.”

I want to see and hear wise women’s voices speaking truth to power and reclaiming their midlife journey for it is the threshold we all must pass to move with wholeness into the second half of life.

I believe there is a new archetype being born.

The archetype of the midlife/menopausal woman.

The Fire Woman Archetype.

Our hot flashes are the kundalini rising, lighting us on fire to be seen,
heard and respected as the wise women that we are.

I believe that when women fully claim their menopause journey, claim their transformation, then together we open a path to our power, our truth, our wisdom, and we can change society.